Meet the TGH Partners.

Lisa Thorell, Inno Geek

Lisa Thorell – Business Architect | Digital Mediast

I have a passion for discovering new and better ways of getting work done in organizations.

My work has taken me from introducing Internet in a Box in the 90’s, kickstarting one of the web’s first affiliate programs to jump starting a new simulation service at NASA.

Strangely enough, I used to be a brain scientist working on primate color vision.

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Twitter: @lisat2    LinkedIn


Diane Court, Design Think Freak

Diane Court – Collaboration Coach

I’m a strategist, designer, facilitator and coach. Play and wonder are integral to my work. I ask “why?” and “what if?” constantly and smile a lot.

I relish collaborating with many different people to connect their bold ideas and diverse talents to envision and create thriving organizations and communities.

I love sitting by the ocean with a great book.  Each opens to broad vistas for the imagination, and I happily dive into both.

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Twitter: @dc2fla

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