What is Innovatini?

An open innovation consultancy…

Innovatini is an open innovation consultancy aimed at helping businesses reinvent themselves for the 21st century. The premise: In today’s hyper-connected social world, where customers have seized the reins, where costs are being driven down by deflationary economics, the way we go about business needs rethinking. Increasingly, organizations are finding they must be more agile, innovative, inspiring and socially accountable. In a sense, the progressive is going mainstream.

An online collective for innovation best practices…
Today’s managers are faced with a host of open innovation cases studies and methods. The challenge is in sorting through all the options.

A participatory business innovation theater…
One of the greatest challenges facing companies in transforming to an Open Innovation model is doing this while maintaining current business levels.

As the name “Innovatini” suggests, we believe innovation can occur in small steps. Outside your daily operating practice, we provide your company with an experimental stage for testing your next innovations, whether products, services or business processes. Live audience voting. Diverse mindsets — perhaps outside your company’s current hiring practices. As open innovation guides and explorers, we help identify company internal gems that can be repurposed to a wider audience, opening new markets and new revenue streams.

About our Cover Photo: We thank photographer Eugenio Mazzone (Source:Unsplash).

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    Can you help me to find investor interested in free energy technology ?
    I believe there must be somebody with big amount of money interested in this biggest enigme ever !
    It is not so hard to make such an free energy generator, but you need a know- how and I have it.
    I am ready to show to potencial investor what kind of problem I was solving for many years … now I have the solution for this problem.
    Thank you for your help in advance.
    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Tomaz,

      I am glad to hear you are working on free energy. May I suggest you check one of the many directories out there for venture capitalists covering the CleanTech sector? A simple google query on “CleanTech venture capital” should do the trick. Good luck to you! Lisa

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